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Get access to exciting new projects.

Get certified.

At your own pace, from anywhere, in your own time, for free.
Every month, we get numerous requests from companies who are looking for freelance developers to work on their next big project. Get access to these companies and projects simply and easily by becoming a CodeAfrica Champion Developer. A CodeAfrica Developer Champion Certification demonstrates your practical dev abilities and system integration knowledge.

Limitless opportunities.

Designed by developers, for developers.

Financial Freedom

Any clients that come to CodeAfrica for custom application or integration requirements that need to leverage the CodeAfrica APIs are referred to our Champions Portal to contact a Champion. Once a Champion is contacted by the client, He or she gets an opportunity to work with the client on their project and in return earn money.

New Opportunities

Competition is often tough when applying for a job position, set yourself apart from the crowd by exploring a completely new field of opportunities as you learn various APIs offered by CodeAfrica. We give you the opportunity to potentially work with bigger brands and companies.

Showcased Certification

After successful completion of integration of two or more of our APIs and of the program, you will be able to add the CodeAfrica Dev Champion Certification to your CV/Resume as tangible proof of your skills to clients. This can help you stand out and connect with potential clients.


Have a question? Our team will help you find answers, whether through a reference API document, email, phone call or message. Give us a shout and get the support that you need.

Zero Costs

At CodeAfrica, our aim is to make practical developer based education more accessible so that it can be used as a tool to unlock great job opportunities. Getting certified to become a CodeAfrica Dev Champion is completely free & requires no complex application forms.

Phased Development

We’ve made it even simpler for you, depending on your capabilities and availability of time, you can either learn and use one API at a time or use a combination of APIs on a single project to successfully acquire a certificate. The choice is totally yours!

Comprehensive Documentation

To enhance your software development experience, you’ll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start learning and integrating our APIs as quickly as possible. You’ll also get support if you get stuck.

Your pace & space

Juggling work, family, friends and a thousand other competing factors can make life pretty tricky, with our certification program, there’s no time pressure and structured schedules. This gives you an opportunity to optimise your application before you submit them for review.

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